Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time Changes

Hello there :)
Happy November!! I can't believe that October has come and gone. Today I realized that my missionary anniversary of 5 months is tomorrow. What? I feel like I just left the MTC. It is just going by fast! I am really excited for the holidays though. It will be wonderful!! I hope you liked my picture updates. I don't have a picture with the new comp, but I will work on that this week. The pictures were catch up from the past 2 weeks. Enjoy!
I hope everyone is doing well! It seems like things are going great, which makes me happy. Oh before I forget I need to make a shout out to a faithful email reader haha. Miss Megan/Future Sister Bahr. Congrats on the call!! I am totally going to find you next Christmas to get a tour okay? A few girls in the branch here served on the Square and they talk about it non-stop. You will be amazing. I will write you soon :)
I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful blessing of sleeping in when the time changed because...I didn't. On Saturday night after planning, Sister Blocker and I were debating on whether or not the time changed so you could sleep in on Sunday mornings or Monday mornings. I was convinced that we got to sleep in for school on a Monday. She was hesitant but my completely wrong opinion made sense to her too. The Sperry's were already asleep and we had no access to the world so I thought of a genius idea to set the alarm on the phone and surely if it changes in the middle of the night we will get to sleep in. So the alarm goes off in the morning and the time was the same as our clocks so we figured it didn't change on Saturday night. We got all ready, went to church and knocked on the door of the Bishop's office to go to PEC. They open the door and it was just the bishopric. They just start cracking up and hold out their fancy iphones to show us the time. Yep, it was 6:45. I learned a few things...people think not being aware of a time change is hilarious, the time change happens on Saturday, and mission phones are outdated. I was so excited for an extra hour, but there is always next year!
Well this week was full of a lot of change. Transfers happened on Thursday! The beginning of the week was with Sister Knutson, and the rest of it with Sister Blocker. Transfers sure are crazy. The change happens so fast, but it has been good so far!
The first part of the week with Sister Knutson was great. I think we planned out a good last week for her mission. On Monday night we were able to meet with a couple who is just returning to the church. We had seen them the past few weeks at church and weren't sure if they were a new move-in or what not, so we asked if we could come by to get the story. Turns out that they were just returning to church after 18 years of inactivity. They had gone to different churches for years, but could never find the same happiness they once had. It was amazing hearing their story and being able to simply witness their faith. They were at church yesterday and we helped them find a few classes and meet some of the members. It was so neat to see them find their way back on their own, and by following the spirit.
We had almost every meal provided by members just because they all wanted to see her before she went home. No joke, one day we had breakfast, lunch, dinner, and frozen yogurt provided for during the day. I thought I was going to die. It felt like Thanksgiving times ten. But, I am grateful for amazing members here. Oh one of those food trips included Firehouse. Still can't get over the fact that they have one in AR.
The Trunk or Treat was awesome!! The chili cook off was great. We also got to be the judges for the pumpkin contest. It was so cool to see less actives and investigators come! Sister Weed and Audrey (I believe I have mentioned them in previous emails) came. Just seeing them at the church made me happy! Seeing how they have changed in these past few weeks just by reading the Book of Mormon has been amazing. We are meeting with them tonight!
The whole time members were coming up to us and pointing at people to go talk to. I love seeing how ward activities are mainly used as a missionary tool. We had a lot of fun though and I was glad Sis K could see all the ward before she left.
Transfers went smooth. It was hard saying bye to Sister Knutson, but my time with Sister Blocker so far has been great! It is really weird taking over an area though. It has been amazing to see the help that Heavenly Father has given me in these past few days. I have been able to remember things that I thought I wouldn't, especially how to get around the area. On Saturday, we visited a ton of less actives and were able to find all of the homes. With the help of prayer and a map. It has been neat to see how much help we are getting!
We had our first lesson with Rex as a new member. I just love Rex and Julianne so much! Seeing the difference this has made in his life is such a blessing. I am determined to be there when he goes through the temple :)
We were able to go to the Stake Baptisms on Saturday. We invited our investigators but between school stuff and being sick, none of them could make it. But it was still a good experience to go. I always love feeling the spirit that is at a baptism. Two of the families in our ward had a child getting baptized, so we were glad to be there.
We had one of the most awkward dinner experiences of our life this week. I will give you all the details but let's just say it started out with being yelled at for where we parked and then coming in and being told that we needed to pick up their baby (even though we can't). Then it was just mass chaos with their children, and dinner being made, etc. Sister Blocker and I were just staring at each other and then she pulled out this Plan of Salv puzzle for the kids. Instantly, their was peace in their home and the spirit came. I know that sounds cheesy but it was a night and day difference. Once we started sharing a message with the kids, then peace in the family came. I will never forget the very clear example of the importance of the gospel, and how it really is a source of peace.
Well, I think that is the highlights from this week. We had a lot of great lessons, and the transfer went smooth so all is well. Thank you for your love and support. I am so grateful each day for the amazing family and friends in my life!!! Have a wonderful week! Happy Election Day tomorrow :)
I love you!!
Sister Magness
P.S. Next Monday the lib is closed for Veteran's Day (is that right? haha). Anyways, so you will hear from me on Tuesday. Just a heads up!

1. Picture with the Peterson family - Bishop in the BV ward
2. Kasidy's invite :)
3. Rex's baptism before the whites
4. Rex's baptism in the whites
5. A ton of the YSAs at Sis Knutson's going away partay.
6. Mario and Luigi
7. 2 of my faves that we teach. LA family.
8. The classic sorting of candy on Halloween :)

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