Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello family and friends!!
How are ya? I hope you have had a great week. I sure hope you have a Happy Halloween! October just flew right by. It seems like Conference was just yesterday. I just realized today that the election is next Tuesday! That snuck up on us too. I hear bits and pieces about it, and also the crazy storm headed towards the east coast. It is weird being a missionary and just getting random snipets of what is going on. Let me know if any cities get destroyed just so I can be up to speed.
Thank you for the mail and love this week! Grandpa, I got your letter. It always makes me cry! And I will send a few shout outs...first to Miss Kasidy. I screamed when I opened your invitation! It is so cute and you look beautiful in the picture!! I will be there in spirit, girl. Also Sister Egbert, if you read this before you get set apart (probably today!!!) know that I love you, am so proud of you and can't wait to be mission pen pals. I need your mission address!!!
Alrighty, well this week has been another good one. I think I will do the day by day updates again. Here we go...
A great prep day like always. We had dinner at the bishop's home. They live right on one of the lakes in Bella Vista. It is beautiful!! We had dinner out on their deck that overlooks the water. The bishop and his family are amazing and so funny. A tradition they have is when they get a new missionary for dinner they each go around the table and ask a question. Sidenote: One of their daughter's friends was over and earlier when we were setting up for dinner it got brought up that he was a vegetarian. So, they go around, asking questions and it gets to him. He asked me what my favorite dish was. I said, "Steak. I just love all meat." Then I realized who I was saying that too haha. The whole family just started cracking up. Good times. They also asked what my most embarrassing moment was and they got to enjoy the gasoline story.
This was the day of miracle lessons. It was amazing! We visited a part member family that we have tried to work with these past few weeks. It has been really hard to get into their home, let alone share a message. But, they opened up so much on Tuesday!! We first invited them to our trunk or treat and the non-member was so excited. He said they would definitely be there and was even going to bring a pot of chili to the cook-off. Later on we saw a picture in their home of the happiest lady and they mentioned that was their mom that passed away. They then opened up so much about her, the Plan of Salvation, etc. My comp and I just stood there in shock and were so happy when we left. We freaked out in the car and couldn't believe it. I wish I could explain how much of a change this is for them, but they really are coming along. Hopefully we will see more of that!
We also had a miracle lesson with Rex. I call it a miracle lesson just because the spirit was so strong. He was able to share a few experiences with us that really helped us see his relationship with God. I am so grateful I have gotten to teach him through his journey with the gospel.
Another cool day relating to lessons. Every person we saw that day opened up in a way they never had about certain trials they are experiencing. I had an overwhelming feeling in each lesson that we met with them on this day for a reason. Very neat to see how Heavenly Father works in the little, simple ways.
We had dinner at the Jones' home. I always love eating with them! Still can't believe investigators feed us here :) They bought us muffin tins so that we can try all of the chili at the trunk or treat tomorrow. So, we will be walking around with muffin tins full of chili haha. I am pretty excited for that. Oh, random but their little boy came up to me and wanted me to read him a book. Guess which one it was? There is A Monster At the End of This Book....remember the Grover voice dad? I tried my best with the Grover voice, but I need to practice a bit.
We went to Brother Sperry's seminary class. Man, I forgot how early seminary is. Those kids are troopers...still can't believe we went so early. Anyways, it was so fun to go to his class and be there for their lesson! After seminary we had a kid come up to us who said he had a friend who is interested in learning the gospel. We were excited obviously and said we would keep in touch with him about it. Just 3 hours later we got a call from his friend!! He had had walked to the church, looking for the missionaries. So the employment specialist who was in the building, called us and said someone is wanting to learn from you! It turned out to be him. This area is magic! So we had a wonderful lesson with him on Saturday (sorry I am jumping ahead). It was amazing! He is so prepared and has a lot of faith. After the lesson he asked for a triple combination haha. How does he know what that is?! Very excited to get to teach him.
Thursday we also had an awesome Relief Society activity. I won't bore you with details on that one, but just know I love the Bella Vista Ward.
Another classic Bingo experience. Gotta love the elderly there. They are so cute!
We had another amazing lesson with a new investigator. She is the most active non-member I know! She goes to FHE, institute, all meetings of church, etc. We met with her for the first time and she had the gospel principles manual. I was like, oh did you read some. She said, not a lot, just 12 chapters! Haha she is very interested and willing to continue to meet. The branch is great at inviting their friends to church, so we just get to be a part of it!
Long, busy day! We had 3 meal appointments. People are just trying to say bye to Sister Knutson so our schedule has been a tad crazy. It was all good though! The highlight of Saturday was Rex's baptism. The spirit was so strong and it was so cool to see someone I taught the whole time take this step. His parents came to be a part of it too. They are non-members but are so supportive of him. I am so grateful I got to see the change in him throughout the lessons. He is wonderful, and I look forward to being his bud for a long time.
We also got transfer calls on Saturday night!! Those are a tad nerve-racking. Our Zone Leaders didn't call us until 10:00pm. They waited to call us last...not so smart for sisters! Anyways, I am staying in Bella Vista, and my new companion's name is Sister Blocker. All I know about her is that she has been out for 9 months. No one in my district has served with her, so we don't know much about her. But, I am sure she will be wonderful! I am nervous to teach her everything about the area, but it will be a good experience. So, she comes on Thursday! I will miss Sister Knutson. She has been a wonderful companion. We have had some good times in these short 6 weeks. BUT, she gets to see her family, so it will be a good transfer for her.
Longest one yet. So long in fact that we didn't even have time to eat lunch! But, I had a good dinner that made up for it. The ward threw a little get together so that everyone could say bye to Sister Knutson. Their whole motive behind it was to fellowship our investigators! Our ward is so missionary minded it's crazy. It was so cool seeing everyone we teach, in the same place, just getting to know each other. I love all of them so much. We were exhausted after it, but it was a wonderful day.
Wow, that was a lot huh? Congrats to those who made it through. I know I usually have a plethora (is that a word?) of pictures for you, but one of the kids in our ward has my camera in her play purse right now :) She snuck it in there for safe keeping at the party last night. So, I am going by to get it today so pictures will be back next week!
I hope you know how much I love all of you! I am so grateful to be a missionary. One of the main things I have realized so far is how important it is to cling to the gospel. As I read the Ensign and the Book of Mormon, I can feel of the safety that comes from following our Savior. I know that it is and will be the only way we have to safety. It is so much fun to be able to share that with others and help them see the same. There is my little missionary moment for you :)
I love you!!! Have a wonderful week. Get lots of candy.
Sister Magness

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