Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Hello my loved ones!
Happy Tuesday. My whole week seems a little off now that I am emailing a day later than usual. I hope you have had a wonderful week! Thanks for your emails (they always make my week a little bit better). Also thanks for the packages and letters!! Mom, tell the RS thank you. They put wonderful treats in there and kind letters. Also, Ciara your primary class is the best. I miss them!! Tell them I got their letters and will write them back. They are the cutest.
Since our email days are a little different I didn't really look at my week to see what to tell ya and I forget my camera cord...again. So you will still have to imagine what Sister Blocker looks like for one more week. I will try my best to remember for next week!! I will give you a run down of my days this week to catch you up. Hope I don't bore you too much :)
We are going back all the way to last Monday. Great preparation day. Took it easy with writing a few letters and doing the usual errands. Our dinner cancelled so we had a fun leftover meal with the Sperry's. They are so great to include us if we ever don't have a dinner. I love them. Then we visited Sister Weed and daughter Audrey. It is amazing to see their progress. Each time we go, we see that they are working on coming back to church. They have that desire and it is wonderful to be able to help them. They are so funny too. We always have a good time! We are seeing them again tonight, so that should be good.
Had our classic time at Concordia. Played a game with the elderly there and also did our exercises. I really wish you could see me lead exercises with them. Good times. They are adorable though! We also tried to catch up with a few potential investigators. Heavenly Father helped us once again in finding a few homes. Bella Vista roads are so confusing. The map looks like an amusement park map. No joke. Or like a bowl of spaghetti. Whichever you'd prefer. So, we pray a lot for guidance and He always helps us out. We caught a few people in some bad situations, but they said we could come back in a few weeks so that is better than nothing! I had a good awkard moment. They happen a lot on the mission but here is just an example. So we went in to try and get a new map of Bella Vista since I ripped ours in half (woops). We went to the Arkansas Welcome Center and I just start chatting with the worker as she is trying to find a map. I said, "So how long are you here today?" She immediately says, "I'm not interested in  your church if that's what you meant. Not at all." I just said, "Uhh nope just seeing how long your shift is today." She then told me and just gave us the map. It is interesting to see how people either ask a ton of questions about us and act interested or are nervous we are going to take them straight to church haha.
This was a busy day, but a good one. We had our first district meeting with our new district leader and another new elder. Oh dad, I was excited to tell you this. So one of the elders in my district is Elder Asiata. His older brother plays on the U football team and he does too. He is going back after his mission too. I told him that my dad would be excited to hear that, so let me know if that rings a bell. Anyways, district meeting was great and then we went to lunch as a district. Then we had a few lessons back at the church. We are continuing to help a recent convert prepare for a mission by role playing the lessons. She is doing great! We had dinner with a family who are not members and who aren't even interested in learning more. They just simply have the southern hospitality and wanted to feed us dinner. It ended up being a great meal where we were able to tell them a few things about missionary life and Mormons in general. She enjoyed it so much and wants us to come back! Hopefully things can progress there.
This is supposed to be our planning day, but it turned into a day full of lessons so that is okay with us! We were able to teach Sara who is still progressing. We also taught Stephanie who is in the YSA branch. She is doing awesome! We worked with a few recent converts during the day too. It was just full of running around and teaching. We had MCM that night. Our ward mission leader is awesome. His job is crazy right now with the end of the year, and he still helps us so much. Very grateful for the members. I am sure you are the best WML though dad. Those elders are lucky!
Cool Bingo story. So, bingo went as usual...really intense old people who are determined to win and get their candy. All had gone well until about 5 minutes left when Betty (one of my faves) comes out of her room and joins us. Turns out she had slept through bingo and was very, very upset. Bingo is the thing they look forward to all week, so if they miss it, they get pretty sad. She was really sad she missed out, so we decided to do one more round. Even though we were out of time, we pretended like we weren't finished. Betty was excited about this but kept saying how she wasn't going to get candy because the chances of her winning were slim. I thought, welp there is nothing I can do about this except to pray. I prayed that Betty would win bingo. That somehow Heavenly Father could help us out by making me call the right numbers so that she could get her candy. I felt silly requesting such a trivial thing, but I knew how much this meant to her. I think you can safely assume that my prayers were answered and Betty was the one and only who called out Bingo that round. Reaffirmed to me how much God loves each of His children. He even cares about Betty having a better day by winning bingo.
Friday was also Sister Blocker's year mark! So we celebrated by treating ourselves to happy hour at Sonic.
I will not bore you with the details of getting sick...again. But all of our appts that we had planned cancelled because everyone was sick. So it worked out nicely. We were able to get some things done at home while taking a breather. That's about it for Saturday. Sorry so boring.
We had a wonderful Sabbath Day! We got to talk in Primary about what we love about being missionaries and how they can prepare to serve. I love kids. Some of their questions and comments were hilarious. One of my favorites was when I told them where I was from and asked "Do you know where Las Vegas is?" One kid raised his hand and said so seriously "Yeah I do. It is where you get lost." Uhh yep sort of haha. It was fun being in Primary. Then we had an amazing lesson with Dustin. He is 16 years old and is so prepared. Two youth from the ward came and joined our lesson. They did such an amazing job at teaching! I was seriously so impressed. Pretty cool to see these future missionaries in action. Very excited to be teaching him.
Rex got the Priesthood!! SO neat to see. I am so grateful to be a part of this whole journey for him. I love him and Julianne so much!!
President and Sister Shumway came to our stake for a fireside. They spoke to the youth about preparing for a mission and the new age. It was neat to be able to see them!
Well, I won't bore you with what I did yesterday because it wasn't too exciting. Oh wait I am kind of lying. We had an awesome lesson with the Jones family. And that is exciting :) I hope all is well and that you have a wonderful week. Know that I love you and am always praying for you!! Until next week...
Sister Magness

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