Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One With No P-Day

Hello dearest family!!
Okay so this week I have no P-day. How sad right? The reason being is that this weekend the apostles and new mission presidents are coming to the MTC so the schedule had to be changed around quite a bit to make everything work out this week. So instead of getting rid of class, they get rid of P-day. Makes sense, we just need to figure out when to do laundry/go to the temple but at least I got to email you!!
I am really excited about the mission presidents coming though. I got to meet President Shumway and his wife this Saturday night so that will be exciting! The main MTC building gets shut down because the apostles are here and they don't want missionaries trying to meet them and have them shake their hand so this week will be interesting!! I am guessing we will have wonderful speakers this upcoming Sunday!
So, how is everyone doing!! Happy Car's Land opening weekend!! Haha I loved how all of you mentioned that it was opening on Friday. You know that is one of the first places I will go after the mission. That will be a good Disneyland trip :) How was Father's Day?! I was thinking about dad, grandpa, Corey and Andrew all day!! I love all of you!! Dad I hope my card got to you if not it should soon. Also is grandpa getting my emails?? He wrote me such a nice note. Tell him I love him!!
Ciara and Dad/Mom, thanks for the packages. Those always make my day!! Magness cookies are a hit with my companions and the calling card will work great for when I can call home.
Thank you thank you to everyone who writes me!! I am SO blessed. My district is baffled everyday by how much mail I get. They are like, "umm who writes you?" Haha I am so appreciative so thank you. Because of the crazy schedule though I don't have time this week to write. So just know I have a list of who I need to write back and a letter WILL come your way.
Okay exciting news next....I have my flight plans!! The MTC will be over for me in 1 week from today. I leave Monday June 25th. I have to be at the front of the MTC at 3 am...wish you could witness that! I leave SLC at 6:00 AM and arrive in Denver at 7:28 AM. Then I leave Denver at 8:09 AM and arrive in Tulsa at 10:40 AM (an hour ahead of MST). I am flying United Airlines. SO that is pretty early for you but you gotta answer your phones!! I am guessing I will call at the layover but thats still not a lot of time so it will be quick. Please dearelder me your phone numbers just incase my mind goes blank at the airport and I don't freak out. Ciara and Andrew I want to call you too so just be ready!! I am so excited to hear your voices before I head out!!
We are so blessed at the MTC to have wonderful speakers. On Tuesday Per G. Malm from the seventy spoke and he is from Sweden!! I loved his accent. Then yesterday for RS we had Elaine S. Dalton!! And guess what.... I got a hug from her!! So after she let everyone meet her in the foyer. She hugged me and looked at my companion and I and said, "Wow you can't buy eyes like yours...that comes from living the gospel!" I hope that's true and she just didn't think my eyes were really blue haha but she is so nice. Such a kind woman! She gave an inspiring talk as well. Then guess who spoke last night....Sheri Dew. I immediately thought of you dad! She gave a great talk as well. We are really lucky at the MTC!
There are always moments throughout the week I wish you could witness because you would be entertained:
- My hard, HARD investigator teaching experiences. She thought we were nuns and then she thought we were Amish. And the look on her face when I asked her to pray was priceless. She thought I was crazy.
- Vacuuming the entire main building for service at 6:00 am
- At the end of the night, there are books all over my desk, journals, scriptures, etc. and I literally look like a mad scientist/researcher. Trying to figure out what that investigator needs!! Let's just say when 10:30 rolls around I am more than ready for bed!
I saw Elder David Orgill! Got a picture too! He is doing well.
My roomie only speaks Cebuano this whole week so I actually know some now haha. It has made the week entertaining because it is more like playing charades with her cause she is on an English fast. I wish you could hear the language!! It is a jungle language so it is pretty crazy.
Okay so some spiritual experiences this week :)
One of my teachers started class and said I need to show you something before we begin. So we went to a place in the MTC that has a beautiful picture of the Savior before His Ascension into heaven as he showed himself to the remaining apostles. Our teacher said that the Lord has something to tell you and to just take some time to yourself for a moment. So as I sat and pondered and prayed to have what the Lord needed me to know then, I felt an overwhelming feeling of love. I think that the Lord just needed to remind me that He loves me and is here for me. He is helping me and will continue to help me as I do His work. I was reminded of the song "I Feel My Savior's Love." I am so busy at the MTC that there is no time to just sit and ponder some days. I was reminded that I need to do that even if it is just for a few minutes. It gave me strength to finish the week. I am grateful that my teacher followed the spirit and allowing my district to have this experience because we needed it.
Another experience was teaching an investigator (played by another missionary in my zone). After we taught and evaluated we had extra time. I felt like I needed to ask him how his MTC experience is going. Right after that, he just began to cry. I was like ugh what did I do?! But then he went on to say how he has been so homesick and it is good for him to just talk about it. I told him how we have all felt that way too, that he isn't alone. I learned a lot this week about how we aren't just here to serve the investigators, etc. but we are also here to serve each other as missionaries/companions.
One teaching experience that I can share was with an investigator named Joe (one of my teachers). We taught a lesson about prayer and Joe was so hesitant. He just didn't really understand how he could receive an answer and didn't feel like he needed to do so. He didn't see the need for God in his life. After teaching a lesson and using the Book of Mormon as our main aid, Joe felt the spirit and began to see how prayer could help him. When Joe said a kneeling prayer at the end of the lesson I felt the spirit so strong. It is a wonderful feeling to see others come unto Christ and recognize their need for Him and their Heavenly Father. There are ups and downs with teaching - sometimes it goes great because the spirit is there and other times you just have to evaluate how it could've been better. These teaching experiences at the MTC really have helped me recognize how the spirit is the only way to teach.
Well family, that is my week!! There is so much I could always tell you but the timer thing really scares me :) Know that I love you so much and am so grateful for all that you do for me!! I feel of your prayers and love each day. Know that I pray for you always!! The next email from me will be from the mission field!! Crazy crazy! I am excited though. I keep meeting people who have had friends or family go to Tulsa and all the say is "Oh the Bible belt." So hello Bible belt!!
I am so grateful to be here. The MTC has a wonderful spirit but I can't wait to be a missionary in the Bible belt.
I love you!!!! Keep sending those dear elders while you can :)
Sister Magness

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