Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry December

Hello Magness Clan!
How are you? I hope I didn't scare you too much yesterday with the lack of an email. My poor companion was really sick yesterday. So I played mom and made soup, did her laundry, etc. and we decided to just put off our pday stuff to today. We still had teaching appointments last night and this morning that we didn't want to cancel so I was calling around in the ward trying to find people who could stay with her while I went and taught with someone else. I felt the pain of trying to find a babysitter haha. But she is doing better today so hopefully things continue to improve. It was so weird leaving her at the house with someone while I went and taught. Definitely used to having someone there all the time!
I hope you had a wonderful week and are enjoying December. I can't believe it is Christmas season! How crazy is that. I also realized that this week I hit my 6 month mark. One-third done. Wow. This is going by a little too quickly. I love this time of year though! We went shopping on the square last p-day and there were lights up and christmas music made us happy. All of the homes we go into have decorations up too! We have even decked out our room with decorations. Oh speaking of Christmas, we got an email about the phone call. President wasn't sure about skype or not, but he decided that we CAN. Woo hoo! I am really happy about that. He also said that we have one hour to talk. I am assuming all of you will be at the same house so we can make this happen. I am really really excited to see your lovely faces. Can't believe how soon it is!
Also, transfer calls are this Saturday. I am praying (literally) that I don't get transferred. I love this area too much and don't want to switch right before Christmas, but I guess we will see what the Lord has planned. If I do get transferred I will have the new place for you on Monday.
Well, I guess I will give you a few highlights from the week :)
We had a few miracles happen on Tuesday. We have stopped by this man's home a few times the past couple of weeks trying to contact him. He came to church about a month ago with a member and we haven't seen him since so we decided to stop by. He finally was home and opened the door! At first he was very hesitant and wanted us to leave, but then we simply mentioned the member's name and he was willing to let us say more! We were losing him again and he was about to shut the door, but I said can we learn about your beliefs, while we share ours too? The switch of yes went back on and we exchanged numbers. I am so thankful Heavenly Father helped us with that one. It is amazing to see how the spirit will direct you even in the exact words to say so that we can get into people's homes.
After that we had a lesson with the Kelly's who are a less active family. Her husband is not a member and never joins us for the lessons. He never really even talks to us. But this past Tuesday he not only spoke with us, but he joined us in a kneeling prayer! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but it was. Another miracle Heavenly Father helped us see. Sister Kelly called us a few days later and asked if we could help her put up some Christmas lights. We went on over there and turns out what she really wanted was just to talk and help her with a few things. I was so grateful to see that she could trust us with that and we were able to be there for her. I love that family so much. She is so on the verge of coming back to church. I am excited to be here and see this change in her.
We had Zone Conference this past Wednesday. It was wonderful as always. I love it because we are able to see a ton of missionaries and also the Shumways. It gives me that extra boost that I need to keep plugging through. They spoke a ton about the Atonement, the power of it, and how we can teach it better to our investigators. If people understood the Atonement better, then everything else would fall into place. I love studying it and testifying of it to those who don't understand how much peace and comfort can come as they utilize it. Especially during this season. President also read us some Christmas stories :) Oh and he told us about this new site that the church is trying to push. It is You have probably heard of it by now, but if not check it out and put it on your facebook! We are encouraged to use this everyday as we share it with members, and those we come in contact with. We announced it in Sunday and have invited all of our members to check it out and share it. So for my missionary moment, I will ask you to do the same :) It is a really cool website.
We have worked a lot with the young women in the stake who want to go on missions. Bishops contact us a lot and ask if their young women can join us. Our list is getting pretty long. Very exciting to see!!
I haven't mentioned Rick Burnett in a while but we were finally able to meet with him after a month. Such a blessing! We have prayed that we could, and it happened. He and his wife Bekkah have to be taught separately because they have crazy schedules that are the complete opposite but we are so glad that he is willing to meet again. We taught on the Atonement and it really helped him open up about where he is at and what needs to be accomplished before baptism. We are so excited for this family and hope that they can be ready in January.
We did a service project this Saturday with the Bella Vista ward. The service was raking leaves in less actives or the elderly's homes. Raking leaves doesn't sound like a big deal, but raking leaves in Bella Vista is a big deal. There are so many trees here that the leaves are a pain. The next morning, my comp and I were so sore haha. But it was a wonderful thing we were able to be a part of and meet a few people who normally don't answer our calls :)
Oh exciting news....Rex and Julianne are engaged!!!!! I am so excited for them. I have been so blessed to see this whole journey for the two of them. They are waiting to get sealed in the temple! They want me to be there so bad, but they might do it a few weeks before I get home. I told them to just wait it out but I guess it can't revolve around me :) It was so ridiculous though because when we got there I just sat down and  was talking to them for a good ten minutes and didn't notice the ring at all. Then she got chocolate out for me, with her left hand, and I still was clueless. Then my comp said, can I stop being patient? I was like huh? Then I looked over and screamed cause I realized what I was missing!! It was crazy how long I didn't notice, but I finally did :) Also during our lesson, Julianne's phone beeped really loud and the only words that showed up were Rick Majerus. Then we found out the sad news. Sorry dad. I immediately thought of you!
We had a wonderful Sabbath with a great break the fast with the singles branch. They are really good cooks. Then we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional with the Andreason family. They are amazing and their house looks just like ours. She decorates the same way as mom and it makes me feel right at home. The first time I walked in, I told Sister Andreason that so she said we are welcome whenever. I love the blessing of hearing the first presidency. So thankful for a living prophet.
Well, I think those are the highlights from the week. I am thankful for you and your support. I love y'all so much. I hope you enjoy these next few weeks of the Christmas season. Remember to check out :) I want it on your facebook since I can't put it on mine!
Have a wonderful week. Know that you are loved in Arkansas.
Sister Magness
P.S. Enjoy the pictures!
1. I found "A Christmas Story" onesie at Walmart ;)
2. Sister Hanshew and I at Zone Conference. Love her!!
3. All the sisters at my conference.
4. Rex and Julianne with her ring! I know it looks like I am pointing at my CTR ring but I really meant to put the attention on her haha.

One last thing I forgot that I wanted to tell you. This is an Arkansas moment for me. No joke, I literally heard this come from the mouth of the sassiest 8 year old I have ever met. She said, "Hi, I'm KayKay and I am a redneck hillbilly." She said this is how she introduces herself to everyone. It was one of my favorite moments :)

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