Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Beautiful GC Weekend

Hello family and friends!!
How are y'all? Guess what? I said "y'all" for the first time this week...yep it just came out with no thought at all. That was kind of fun/shocking. We will see if that sticks around. It sounds like you had a good Conference weekend. I sure did! I will chat more about that later.
How is the weather where you are at? Let's just say I have had to pull out the tights and coats. It is freezing! The humid cold makes things just a bit more chilly. Pretty different than Provo cold. We had little snow flurries on Saturday, but nothing stuck to the ground. It was crazy. It is a little warmer today but we are definitely transitioning to winter. The leaves are barely starting to change. I think of you mom when I see a really pretty tree that is changing. You would love it here with the seasons changing. I will try to get some pictures of it.
Tell the Spring Creek youth thank you!! I got a package from them with letters and pictures. It was awesome. I will have to write a letter to them at some point, but if it takes me a while just let the YW/YM leaders know that I got it and that I am grateful!
Also, go Cougars :)
Anyways, This has been a great week once again. I think the best way for me to tell you about it, is by just going through some people we have taught and how it is going with them. I will try not to bore you with this, but it is exciting missionary happenings.
The Kelly's - We are doing the 12 step program with them. Not for any real addictions (which it is intended for) but rather to make the Atonement more real. I have started doing it too and it is AMAZING. Every member should do it, in my opinion. It makes the Atonement more understandable and very personal. We have had wonderful experiences going through it with them. Random cool prayers are answered story. It might seem silly but when we got there Carrie Underwood's cd was playing. She immediately started talking about her week and was getting into the 12 step stuff and I was like "I can't focus with this." I just thought how much Ciara and I listened to the cd before I left haha. I said it quick prayer to Heavenly Father along the lines of help me focus/know how to ask her to turn it off/ a good time to do it. No joke....as I said 'Amen' in my head she was like, "Wait, should I turn the cd off?" Amazing Heavenly Father even cares about my concern for a cd playing during a lesson.
Stacy - She moved to Arizona this week. She is amazing!! She is a member we were working with. She got an amazing job offer and I know it was an answer to her prayers. I have a picture with her that I will attach. I really will miss her.
Hidachi - Yes, that is his name. He is a recent convert in the YSA branch. We taught a lesson on the Priesthood with another member of the branch. We were sitting outside teaching the lesson and a lot of his neighbors were just staring at us. So, the member we went with was just like, "Hey wanna talk about the Priesthood with us?" They were like, "the what?" Haha they were curious though. They went on to say no we are interested in other scripture besides the Bible. I said great well here is a Book of Mormon. So we got to give 3 Book of Mormons out! It was cool. I am grateful for the member we went with. He just got home from his mission so I think he is still in the mission mode and not afraid to say "Hey wanna talk about the Priesthood?"
Thompson - part member family. We went over to watch the Restoration video with them. The husband is a non member. It really brought the spirit in their home. As we watched the First Vision segment, the little 4 year old was SO happy! She just kept saying, "It's Jesus, It's Jesus!" She asked us if she could keep the video and watch it every day. Uhh yeah of course! It was really neat to see how much the kids loved it. We are excited to go back.
We set two more baptismal dates with some of our progressing investigators...Sara and Jesse! They are both for the beginning of November.
So random, but we had dinner at a members house who is actually in the Stake Presidency. He is from Scotland and sounds JUST like Shrek. It is the coolest thing.
We had a Zone Meeting this past Friday. Sister Knutson and I had to teach a part of it. It went really well though! I love our zone. A bunch of crazy elders, but it is fun. Oh and we went to Chick Fil A after. Thought you would like to know dad :)
Now to Conference. It was amazing! Isn't conference always amazing though? On Saturday we watched it at the church both sessions and Sunday we watched it at the Sperry's. We had a little pre conference drama. Remember how in Nevada I was with our ward missionary who fell and we ran to the ER? Yeah we met a recent convert at the church and she fell too. I think I am just bad luck. We ran to the fire station cause it is right by the Stake Center, just like home, and got some bandages. Turns out she went to the ER later. I think I just make people fall.
Anyways, besides that it was drama free. I bet the age change just exploded on facebook and such. I was really shocked, just like the rest of the church haha.I am so pumped for the lower age because I know a lot more young women will go. I totally would've taken that opportunity if I had it. I had a cool little experience though. After they announced it, into the next talk I said a little prayer to myself about it and I felt two things. 1. A love for the youth who are preparing...weird right? But I just felt that I should keep them in my prayers as this increased missionary force goes out. 2. That I am supposed to be on my mission as a 21 year old. For a second I thought, darn I wish I could've gone earlier I would've gotten home a year ago! But then I felt that I am here for a reason. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I also get to say that I was the last of the oldies who came out! It definitely is exciting though. Heavenly Father is just preparing the world even more for the second coming!
I loved all of the talks. It seems like they talked a lot about repenting and becoming. I am excited to read the talks again and study them! It is cool when you listen as a missionary because you think of your investigators and what talks they need. We had 6 investigators watch conference. Pretty neat.
I loved thinking that you were watching it at the same time!! I missed you, but the Sperry's helped us feel at home on Sunday with good food :)
Well, I gotta get going. This will be another great week! Have a good week and know that I love you!!
Sister Magness
Pictures: Us with Stacy before she left and me with the Arkansas sign
P.S. Did you watch the press conference thing about the new missionary age? If not check it out. It was really interesting.

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