Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sister Magness Transfer and Funny Stories

Dear Family and Friends,
So, I hit my 3 month mark. It seems like I have been out for a year, but at the same time it has gone quick. Mission time is definitely weird. Seems slow, but then you look back and it has passed you by.
 I am transferring to Bella Vista AR. Bella Vista is where I was last week. They live with members in a beautiful home. It is a bigger city and I think it will help a lot. I actually prayed after I went there that I would serve there some day. I guess he is answering my prayer a little quicker than I thought!
My new address is:
22 Marionet Dr
Bella Vista, AR 72714
(you can put this on the blog/email it out that i am transferring)
Thanks for your emails, love and support. I cant say thank you enough. Thanks for the Orgill reunion note. That was awesome!!
Oh, mom I started a gratitude journal this past week. It helps a lot. THanks for the idea.
Thanks for the loan and voting update too dad.
Yes I look at the moon too! Some nights it isn't out though so I just look at the sky.
I want to share 2 funny stories with you.
1) We were with an older member this past week and she says, "Did you hear about the Vegas temple?" I was like ugh, yes? She said "Yeah I just read about its dedication!" I said Oh I think that was in 1989 though. She said no I really just read about it in the church news. I said can i see it? She handed it to me and yep she was reading the church news from 1989. When I pointed it out to her she still didn't really get it. It was hilarious. She thinks it is a brand new temple!! She is awesome though. She helps a lot with the work :)
2) I thought there was a tornado this week but it was just a windstorm which led to embarrassing myself in a lesson. So we were in a lesson and when we started it is nice and sunny outside. 10 minutes in it starts to pour rain. 5 minutes later it is SO windy. I was getting nervous because we had a tornado warning the night before. My comp and the lady we were teaching were as calm as can be so I just took it easy. Then a huge tree branch smacked the window. I literally jumped up and started booking it in her house. I thought it was a tornado and was going who knows where for cover. The lady was laughing so hard. She said its fine just some wind. It was the craziest wind ever though. Vegas did not prepare me for this haha. There were tree branches everywhere all over Nevada. The wind knocked a lot down. We got a warning from our ZL's to stay in for the night cause it was pretty bad. But it cleared out. You would've loved it dad but I realized I am not a fan of this weather.
Anyways, I gotta run but I love you all so so much. Thanks for your support. With this change it will get better. Have a wonderful week! Let me know about the football game outcomes :)
Love, Sister Magness

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